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Academy Fund

Web Design • Branding • Logo • Graphic Design

Project Overview

The Academy Fund provides due diligence, diversification and access to some of the best military veteran real estate professionals and their deals. We believe that intelligence, integrity and grit are competitive advantages and key inputs to building wealth.

The client reached out to me with his idea and needed help to create his branding, landing page, and logo. 

My Contributions

After a virtual meeting with the client, I developed their logo and branding using Adobe Illustrator and created their landing page using Wix. This client in particular has experience in Wix and wanted to use this so he could make minor updates in the future. 

Academy-Fund-Mockup-laptop (1).png

Logo and Branding

The client had a clear idea of what he wanted to have for his logo and colors and I was responsible for bringing it to life using Adobe Illustrator


Website Graphics 

I created the data visualizations for their website and quarterly KPI distributions


Web Design

I designed each of the pages of the Academy Fund website, the home page, our team, and the contact page.

The client had a clear idea of what he wanted on each page and we were able to collaborate and work together on his design vision.

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