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Web Design • Branding • UI/UX • Graphic Design

Project Overview

The goal of the project was to create a desktop platform that connects Veteran investors with like-minded Veteran entrepreneurs to discover, engage, and pitch successful partnerships. 

I am employed full time by this client and have created the platform from the ground up by working closely with product, development, marketing, and sales team.

My Contributions

I am in charge of the design of the marketing website as well as the UI/UX of the platform application.

I was involved in everything from defining the brand and personas, creating flows and wireframes, all the way to creating final UI designs and graphics.


Landing Page



Graphics & Web Design

I created the all the graphics and videos for the website to showcase different pages and benefits of the platform.

With the graphics and videos that were created, I worked with the marketing team who created the copy and text to have the most optimized layout on Wordpress.


UI/UX Design

Figma &Adobe XD



Localvest offers a SaaS platform that connects Veteran investors with like-minded Veteran entrepreneurs to quickly discover, engage, and pitch successful partnerships.

The Challenges

  • Too many Veteran businesses fail because they couldn’t find enough capital in time.

  • Veterans have the network but no easy way to access their community of Veteran investors

  • Businesses need an easy and clean way to display their fundraising details

The Solution

  • Founded by a Veteran, Localvest offers a SaaS platform to speed up your fundraise and an investor network to invest in your growth and success. 

  • Businesses can create a beautiful page dedicated to their investment opportunity

  • The platform supplies data regarding a business's investment opportunity such as views, downloads, and shares. 

Localvest Brand Guidelines 2023_Page_06.jpg
Localvest Brand Guidelines 2023_Page_07.jpg
Localvest Brand Guidelines 2023_Page_13.jpg
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